Gingrich Rips Mitt Romney’s ‘Overly-Methodical’ Campaign On CNN

Keep in mind folks as to who controls the polls? The same people who want the Emperor re-elected! Newt complained during the primaries Romney was playing dirty but we have yet to see it that play towards the Emperor?!

I dunno what the hell Romney is doing playing it nice with the marxist in chief. What I have seen is that Romney is being too nice and I think it’s because of his Mormon faith. I AM NOT ATTACKING him over his religious beliefs. I have seen examples that he is a decent man who is there to help and wonder if he even has a mean streak in him?! If he doesn’t he will meet the same fate McCain met in ’08. Romney must start playing dirty, now I have a theory as to why he isn’t if I am wrong with my above assumption but I’m not going to speak on it… yet.