Mark Levin’s Epic Takedown of Clintons Speech: We Have A Depression

Finally someone has said it on air! I was ranting 2-3 years ago we were in the early stages of one and now in a stealth depression. It took Clinton’s sad speech to set the Great One off to say what so many are scared to say.

After pointing out ‘Ronald Reagan did turn around the economy in 4 years’, Levin destroys everything Clinton championed last night in his speech to build the Emperor up. Every single American needs to hear this regardless of party affiliation. What Levin points out are facts

’23 million unemployed, 15% unemployment rate
48 million people on food stamps
1 in 6 people in poverty
disability insurance massively growing
25% of GDP being devoured by federal government
over $5 trillion in additional debt in 4 years
$1.7 trillion a year in regulatory costs
EPA is closing down mines and electricity plants and oil fields,
looming massive tax increase on January 1st
continuing home foreclosures
median family income down 5%… know what we have here Neil? We have a depression