Netanyahu: Iran is in the ‘Red Zone’

I clearly remember hearing within the last 10 years people on shows like this saying “Iran will have a nuclear bomb within 3-5 years/ 5-7 years” We are now within that timeframe. If nothing is done and Iran has a bomb and uses it what then? What will the excuse be? Clearly individuals/ groups will come out and blame the US and Israel if a nuclear attack is carried out!

Also for those arguing why Iran cannot have a bomb using the comparison to Russia, N Korea, Pakistan, India etc they leave out one important fact.

Those nations with nuclear weapons do not embrace a “religion” that embraces death. They see death as a gateway into heaven! We don’t see Russians killing in the name of their god. There are no records of N Koreans killing people in a market, school or what have you over their religion. You see radical islam praising god in all their attacks, be it an IED being set off in Iraq or Afghanistan against US troops or the destruction of the Word Trade Center in 2001. Don’t believe me? The videos are out there of people praising allah following these attacks. NO I will not be posting them here, thats on you to do the homework and find out for yourself.

If Iran gets a bomb they will use it. As for delivery vehicles and all the reports about their inability to develop missile technology necessary… that’s smoke and mirrors. Make no mistake about it, when they develop a bomb it will not be wasted in a test firing in the middle of the desert somewhere. There will be a live fire test of the bomb where it can easily be loaded in the trunk of a car, bed of a truck or back of a van! Said vehicle will be driven into a major city and the bomb will be set off. More than likely it will be set off by some splinter terrorist group not the government of Iran so as to distance themselves in an attempt to avoid blame!

Think The Sum of All Fears when trying to visualize ground zero for such an attack.

That’s it folks! No missiles, no suitcase bombs nothing… a small yield weapon enough to take out a city block at the most.