Pompous Ass Morgan Upset Over WH Deportation Petition

Waaaaaaaa Piers you big baby!

So you like to attack the 2nd Amendment, undermine our Constitution using your “position of influence” at CNN on a national scale? Then you have the audacity to pull the “what about my First Amendment rights” card!

Listen Jerk the people of the US are fed up with your crap, the Second protects the First and you want it taken away! If there is no Second Amendment there will be no First, Third, Fourth etc etc. You are so arrogant you do not understand the Founders genius behind it and making it the second.

Since we are gun-toting, warmongering, bigots and racists maybe you should go back to England!? After all there is no gun (just a little sarcasm buddy) to your head stay in the US. WHY are you here?

[iframe_loader width=’900′ height=’400′ src=”https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-british-citizen-piers-morgan-attacking-2nd-amendment/prfh5zHD”]