White House: Secret Service Shut Down WH Tours

These people in the regime take absolutely no responsibility for anything they do. Passing the buck 24/7 and blaming anyone they can think of.

It is reported the emperor has golfed over 140 times. We know his one golf outing with Tiger Woods cost $1,000,000. So one could argue the emperors golf outings cost $140,000,000! White House tours, mainly for the benefit of children, have been reported to cost $74,000 a week. Now I’m sure not all his golf outings cost as much as they did with Woods, but if we took half that total cost to golf the money saved would cover the White House tour costs for 945 weeks… that’s 18 years!

This clown does not care about saving money or the American people and fact still remains he wanted the sequester and wanted the public to feel the pain!