100,000,000+ Americans Out of Work, Obama Silent

100 million is a conservative number seeing that it takes the unemployment numbers on the books. According to BLS there are 11.7 million unemployed, that’s those who are collecting. Now add to that the 90 million reported today that are out of the labor workforce we are at 101.7 million BUT another number is being left out!

Many Americans who cannot collect unemployment have now found ways to work the system. The number of Americans on disability has skyrocketed to 8.8 million, under 0bama, which is 3 times the population of Chicago! “Economists generally agree that the anemic recovery under President Obama has driven legions of workers who have been unable to find work to seek out the SSDI program.” Now granted many are on disability for legitimate reasons but this number has been climbing at an accelerated rate since 0bama seized power with the help of the crap media.

So between the unemployment figure, those out of the labor workforce and on disability there are 110.5+ million Americans “out of work”…. that is a third of the nation’s population!

I said it before I will say it again we are in a stealth depression. The numbers today are far worse than those during the 1930’s. Where there were food and job lines they have been replaced with unsustainable entitlement programs. Now you get your EBT card instead of waiting to be fed. The progressives have created program after program to fool Americans.

Unemployment IS NOT 7.6%, the alternative unemployment figure is approx 23%!

shadow stats emp 4-5-13

Those on food stamps and in poverty are at record levels yet this administration and its propaganda arm wants you to believe everything is good, we are in a recovery. There is no recovery because we never came out of the recession. We have fallen deeper into the stealth depression. The recent gains in the stock market are nothing but a bubble created by the Federal Reserve that is pumping (printing, monetizing, call it what you want) $85B into the system every month.

So where is the president on all of this bad news? No where. He is silent probably relaxing after a very hard days work! Don’t take my word for it here is what he was up to today….
Obamas schedule 4-5-13

I’ll bet he is getting rest for his big lavish party with Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah and other Hollywood progressives while many Americans like yours truly are written off.
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