8th Grader Arrested & Charged For Wearing 2nd Amendment Shirt

Folks you have two choices in dealing with these teachers and radical school admins: 1) pull your kid(s) out, homeschool them or put them in private school or 2) take the schoolboard head on even if it means getting on the board to make changes. This anti-Second Amendment and quite frankly anti-American sentiment coming from school faculty/admin is increasing at an alarming rate.

They are indoctrinating children to fear everything and be dependent on the government. We lose the youth to the progressive agenda we will lose the nation in the years to come.

Questions remain unanswered for 8th grade student arrested over shirt
By Charlo Greene
From the moment 13 News first broke this story on 13 News at 11 on Thursday, emails, Facebook posts and phone calls from people all across the country have been pouring in. Despite all of the attention, Jared Marcum and his family say they’re no closer to a resolution than they were when it all began.

Jared Marcum, an 8th grade student, was suspended, arrested and is now facing two charges after refusing to change his shirt.

“People are saying that I did the right thing, that they’re proud,” Jared said.

The 14-year-old student at Logan Middle School in Logan, West Virginia says the NRA shirt that sparked the controversy now symbolizes a fight that is just getting started.

“What they’re doing is trying to take away my rights, my freedom of speech and my second amendment,” Jared said.

“You can take the firearms out of the equation, what this about is fundamental rights,” Jared’s father Allen Lardieri said.

Lardieri says his questions for the school district remain unanswered.

“I’m still confused, thoroughly confused,” he said. “They school didn’t even make a statement to the news agencies, much less myself.”

After several attempts the only comment 13 News received from the Logan County School District was no comment.…more