Are We Ready to Talk About the Unofficial Martial Law Imposed on Boston Yet?

I don’t know how many homes in Boston were searched like this but I have serious problems with it, terrorist on the loose or not. Pulling people out of their homes at gunpoint, searching them for weapons, where’s the warrant? So much for the Fourth Amendment!

After the capture of Tsarnaev friday I got on Twitter and posted “Are we ready yet to talk about the unofficial Martial Law that was imposed on Boston or are we still celebrating?” several times, NO ONE responded. “All for your safety” is the general excuse to impose law enforcement on people in this manner, but city-wide IMO it was Martial Law without the official blessing. Worst off NO ONE in Boston objected to this not even the liberal lawyers!

By being silent to this day sets a very bad precedent regardless of the intentions. We cannot give up our rights and sovereignty even during the worst of times because some day the “switch” for the purpose of public safety will be turned on and never shut off.

“He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.”

Curious, how many Bostonians are having second thoughts about gun control and anti-gun politicians?