Former DOJ Attorney Says Gov’t Is Making a Mistake Not Reading Boston Suspect His Miranda Rights

I dunno I think we are taking a chance either way… doesn’t a terrorist attack cross the line for a citizen? Doesn’t the moment they cross that fine line of being a petty killer to a mass killer (very important here) using a weapon of mass destruction a certified act of terrorism initiate a process where they “give up” their Constitutional rights? Understand what I am saying here it’s one thing to steal a car, rape or murder people, shoot up a school but when you purposely kill and injure 100’s with a WMD in an act of terrorism should there be a test in place to say “yes that was an act of terrorism, this person is an enemy combatant who by their very actions loses their Constitutional rights”?

“We can’t take people’s rights away”! Yes we can! Criminals lose their rights all the time or are you telling me they have the right to keep and bear arms and vote while they “enjoy their stay” in jail waiting trial or prison after being convicted?!! I don’t recall seeing accused criminals in handcuffs & shackles waiting for trial in line during the last election to vote! Maybe I have this wrong here I’m not an attorney but you see where I am going.

What Tsarnaev and his brother did is no different from any other terrorist being held at Gitmo. What makes him different from any of them that he gets the privilege of Constitutional rights? “Well because he is a US citizen” is the general answer being thrown out there. Ok but some contend that these Chechnyan radical Muslims are the most hardcore who will indoctrinate at a young age. Who is to say Tsarnaev wasn’t being radicalized as a child while he was in the process of becoming a citizen for the very opportunity to use our system of justice to his advantage?

I mean is that all they need to do is be or become a citizen which opens the door to getting some liberal defense attorney? The concern is who will defend this guy? We know defense attorney’s can be quite radical turning the tables on accusers! Who is to say he won’t get one who actually tries to sue the city of Boston, Massachusetts state and federal agencies for how he was treated (being chased and shot at)? Seriously! You know it’s possible. When these guys lawyer up they “clam up”, unlike those at Gitmo who have given valuable information.

I believe this issue with Suspect #2 has just opened a nasty can of worms!