Obama Speaking in TX Lies About Jobs and the Economy

Ahh the infamous stutter, a clear indicator he is lying…..

Now tell everyone a how wonderful things are under your reign of terror with over 100 million out of work! There are 88+ million who have been written off from the labor workforce coupled with the 12+ million unemployed for those that need that number explained. Actually the real unemployment rate is over 20% Barry, but you go right ahead and lie some more!

These are facts that cannot be disputed and still to this day countless articles, bloggers, economists will say “worst jobs President since the Great Depression”, heck he practically said it in this speech referring to economy. Why do I have a problem with this? How can you compare our current economic state to the Great Depression when the data today is WORSE than in the 1930’s!?!

Did people in the 1930’s have:
– 2 mortgages with payments at or over 50% of their Debt-to-Income ratio?
– have credit card debt or personal debt $10-15,000++?
– 1 or 2 car loans of at least $15-20,000++?
– have more than one source of income per household to just get by?
– be on the hook for the National Debt of $16.8 TRILLION with unfunded liabilities at $123.8 TRILLION?
and these are literally just the tip of the iceberg!

We are in a Stealth Depression and it’s going to get worse while this CLOWN lies 24/7.