Dana Loesch Talks ‘TEA Party 2.0’ With Greta; SavingtheRepublic.com’s Message to the TEA Party & Conservative Groups

I have been known to blast the TEA Party at times, even calling for it to be “killed” replaced with a Patriot Party, over the general lack of taking the lead engaging the left. This play nice, play by the left’s rulebook must go out the window. As a matter of fact aside from the complaining I heard from people asking “what more can I do” the other driving factor behind the creation of SavingtheRepublic.com was the lack of action by the TEA Party!

So I hope this TEA Party 2.0 resurgence Dana Loesch talks about realizes they need to start fighting back! The protests, marches of 2009/2010 have got to change and take a page from the civil rights movement. Those who fought for civil rights literally put their lives on the line for what they believed, the TEA Party has yet to put their “tails on the line”. I haven’t seen any of them getting arrested in mass, have police dogs set loose on them, get blasted with high-powered water hoses/cannons etc! And yes I’m sorry to say to some out there this is where you are going to have to go. We are in a new generation of a civil rights movement whether folks want to admit it.

TEA Party activists and conservatives, DC… listen to me carefully.. DC is not afraid of you! If they were Obamacare would have never been passed and Congress wouldn’t be trying to defy the people once more pushing the disastrous immigration reform bill! You have done nothing to put fear into them. Phone calls, emails, protests with clever signs doesn’t put fear in these people anymore. They know your tactics, and have learned there are no consequences for their actions.

Let me make it abundantly clear NO ONE is calling for a violent uprising or violence of any kind, destruction of property or anything that could be deemed illegal activity. To do so, as explained in STR’s Philosophy, that would be feeding right into what the radical left wants, so those in power can act to take all our rights away. There are things, civil within the rule of law, the TEA Party and countless new conservative groups can do to fight back! STR Tactics are what people have been looking for and now is the time to put them into action!

As of now this vid below is an example of the fundamental problem with the TEA Party and most conservative groups etc…

Acting like Clark Kent from Superman II isn’t going to cut it anymore. So that takes me to a question I have asked countless people: What are you prepared to do?