Bill Maher Goes on Socialist Rant: ‘Every Modern Country is Quasi-Socialist. It’s Not a Dirty Word’

Pig Maher as usual is lying. What he is doing here is failed logic, by his claims all TEA party members, conservatives, right wingers complain about socialism are all abusing social entitlement programs.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Those complaining or rather warning about socialism are not sucking off the system like he claims. It’s his and the emperor’s very own kind, Obamadrones, who abuse those social entitlement programs. Now yes there are conservatives etc on Social Security or disability but they do it because they make legitimate claims to it. On the flip side a typical Obamadrone looks for ways to work the system to get on all of these entitlement programs.

I don’t recall seeing TEA party people or conservatives on video talking up about getting their Obamadollars and Obamaphones. I have yet to see a story about a conservative or TEA party member who rails against these entitlement programs get caught committing abuse and fraud. And it’s just not the entitlement programs “we” warn against. The “right” warns about socialism as a whole with the ever encroaching regulations, control over the education system, massive spending & debt, taxes, big government etc because we all know what that leads to! Want to see how well socialism is working out take a look at Spain, Greece (heck many European countries are trying to move away from it), Venezuela etc and then tell me how great it is!