Mark Levin Gives Impassioned Speech After O’Reilly Endorses Immigration Bill No One Has Read

The “host” the Great One is referring to is Bill O’Reilly where he came out in favor of the proposed unseen immigration bill from the House because “we gotta do something”. The same House bill Reps King, Bachmann and Gohmert have warned is a Trojan Horse for ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty.

The only reason the system is broken is because those charged to enforce our laws are lawless! Levin points out 46 million are estimated to enter the US within 10 years under this ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill and that influx in population will destroy this country. The economic, social and medical entitlement systems were never designed for so many. The system will collapse.

Look at the financial and economic reports, millions of Americans are unemployed, on disability, in poverty and ask yourself how can it possibly sustain another 46 million people?

“None of them(politicians) give a damn about this country”…