Mark Levin Grills Rep. Paul Ryan on Immigration Reform

Update 2015: With Paul Ryan considering a run for Speaker of the House it might be good to take a look at his recent past. Yes, he has had his moments on the debt and other issues but keep in mind since then he’s been out of the spotlight. Not too soon after losing the 2012 Presidential election Ryan was working hard behind the scenes to get illegal alien amnesty through….

One more thing to consider this is the same guy who “got beat” debating Joe Biden!

The Great One graciously grilled Rep Ryan on this House version of an ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill. It sounds great doesn’t it? Lot’s of gateways that must be met otherwise they render other provisions “dead”.

Mark reads through the provisions of the 1986 law that are not being enforced, so we have no reason to believe anything these jerks in DC have to say. Mark’s two cents to Mr Producer after the call says it all, he knows this is bill, as great as it sounds is bogus!

If Paul Ryan thinks this bill will make it through as he describes he defines naive. This bill he discusses is the very Trojan Horse bill Reps Bachmann, Steve King and Gohmert are warning against. What will happen is the House will pass this bill, it will then go to the Senate they will take some good pieces of it add it to their 1000+ page amnesty bill, pass it and then we will have amnesty. All those House members who voted for it will be saying “I didn’t know” “I didn’t vote for that” or whatever lame excuse they can come up with.

Time IS NOT on our side, Harry Reid and John Boehner want to rush this ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill through and have it done by the 4th of July. This bill will be the end of this country as we know it coupled with 0bamacare. The two combined will overwhelm our economic and social systems leading to a total collapse of the US. Do whatever you have to, civil within the rule of law, to get the message across to your Senators and Representatives to not pass ANY immigration reform bill.

If we stay this course…