Dana Perino Bashes Obama Where’s Your Speech for Baby ‘Shot in the Face by Black Teens’, Van Jones Praises the Right!

No complaints hearing from someone on the right calling his majesty out as Fox’s Dana Perino did on This Week. The emperor picks and chooses his battles just like any other community organizing race hustler. I think we need to put pressure on the regime to comment on the black-on-white violence that is NEVER talked about, since they want to inject themselves into Zimmerman/Martin fiasco. Let’s hear what Obama has to say about the 13mo baby, Antonio Santiago, who shot in the face in Brunswick following a botched robbery on his mother Sherry West! Being half white will Obama say “if I had a son he would look like Antonio”?

More surprising in this clip was an admission from self avowed communist Van Jones. Jones had a moment of clarity praising the right for acknowledging the violence in inner cities like Chicago.

Sorry to say Van whites/republicans have BEEN speaking out about the violence in Chicago, you progressives ignored even denied it because of the lack of media attention. There is no Jack Kemp silent majority, we’ve been here you guys just never wanted to admit it! And this actually worked for the left for a while to push their narrative that “whites don’t care”. Since the media has been all over this Zimmerman/ Martin verdict it’s Catch 22 for the left, because now they have to admit, as Jones did, that the right is aware of the violence in urban areas.