Veteran Black Panther Says ‘The Only Way We Can End’ Racism ‘is by Ashes’ Putting ‘Boots on the Ground’

Mark Cook a 77 yr old veteran of the Black Panthers spoke at a Justice for Trayvon rally where he said we have to end racism. Sounds great but the approach he suggests is what should concern people when he said: “The only way we can end it [racism], is by ashes. You can write, you can speak as much as you want but you’re gonna have to put some boots on the ground, you’re gonna have to do something”.

So let me get a handle on all of this. Based on my observations from these quickly organized protests (take note “right wingers” how quickly the left mobilizes unlike you!) many speakers and demonstrators who are upset over the “violence” committed against Martin are now calling for violence? Here is a nice example of the diversity within the protesters…


Cook, by the way served 24 years in jail, didn’t say we need to end racism by getting everything out on the table and working it out. He said “the only way we can end it, is by ashes.” “Ashes” implies fire (obviously), where one can only assume that coupled with “boots on the ground” means rioting and violence. If I have it wrong I will admit to it! I did not take what Cook suggests as something peaceful, although his delivery was very calm, especially since he still identifies himself with the Black Panthers.

Last time I checked we have a “black” president, black governors, black mayors, black congressmen and women, a black senator Tim Scott, some of the most wealthy people in the world are black US citizens. So where is the racism that this veteran BP says must be ended in ashes?

There is no racism, as Ted Nugent argues this is just another example of race hustlers amping the drones up to divide this nation. Our “first black president” had the opportunity of a lifetime to bring this country together, but instead he chose sides and only encourages the dividers like Cook, Sharpton and Jackson!