Mark Levin: Obama’s Economic Growth Record ‘Worst In Sixty Years’

The Great One was on the money today going off a few times on Darth Hussein. Levin railed against the imperial emperors economic policies confirming what you already know that everything he touches turns to disaster. Many of the stats the Great One points out are covered in 100 Million Americans Out of Work.

Levin explained the emperors political/economic philosophy like no one can:

“Obama believes that the marxist class struggle formulation which pits the proletariat, that is the working class, against the bourgeoisie, that is the wealthy merchant class, still serves as the principal theoretical and rhetorical justification for his assault on the free market. That’s what you heard in the clips but it’s an anathema to the free market, in that the individual has unto himself the power to make up himself when he chooses. There is no static class structure layered atop the free market. The free market is a mutable dynamic and vibrant system of individual interactions that engages all aspects of the human character..”

Levin also fired away at the useless republicans who went along with his majesty raising taxes on all of us!

Personally I am still steaming over the outright lies the emperor/ sith lord said about job growth. I am long-term unemployed, not by choice, I have no idea where these jobs Darth Hussein claims are but they don’t exist for college educated, well experienced “White-Italians”!