Ted Cruz Criticizes Obama Economic Speech Challenges Republicans to Defund Obamacare

Sen Ted Cruz appeared on Special Report to respond to Darth Hussein’s Marxist economic speech. He calls this environment we are in the great stagnation with high taxes, out of control spending and massive regulations. Cruz pointed out we have been here before with the Carter administration and this is the first time since WW2 we have had 4 years of close to zero economic growth.

Cruz went over a number of issues we are facing that can be remedied by abolishing the IRS and regulatory reform. This is when he transitioned into Obamacare and talked about defunding it. Now is the only opportunity we have to stop it dead in the tracks. The continuing resolution ends Sep 30th when Congress will have to again vote on future government spending. This is when additional funding would have to be added to cover Obamacare implementation. He is calling on republicans but also we the people to put pressure on DC to not vote on any future spending bill that includes spending for Obamacare.