MSLSD’s Michael Eric Dyson Likens Zimmerman Verdict to 9/11

If you always wondered what a certified racist lunatic looks like look no further! This nut, who by the way is a professor of sociology at Georgetown University, wants people to believe his analogy the affect the Zimmerman verdict has/had on race in the black community is the same as the affect 9/11 had on the nation.

This is absolute insanity and I know so many are tired of hearing it but like I said in previous posts this verdict opened Pandora’s Box. The radicals are going to be coming at “us” from every angle now using this case to push their agenda.

I will make a prediction now, an insane one, that somehow this nightmare will be tied in with immigration reform to get it passed! Don’t forget the emperor has already suggested a look at gun control in his response following the verdict. It is not inconceivable for these monsters to use this case to get immigration through!

As for Ms Wagner being frustrated in convincing the nation racism still exists, I ask her to explain if that were true how is it Obama has been elected and then re-elected as POTUS?