Axelrod Uses Zimmerman Ruling in Tweet for Regime Positioning Second Assault on Gun Rights

Axelrod Defends Obamacare Holdup: Obama ‘Knew Optics Were Not Going To Be Good, Took It On Anyway’

I warned just yesterday the regime would use the Zimmerman verdict to re-ignite their attack on the Second Amendment following the emperors first salvo buried in his response. Well here you go kids the second salvo coming from David Axelrod aka Axeldouche!



Wouldn’t be complete without leftist Bette Midler chiming in…

h/t Twitchy

The gun debate was never dead in the left’s eyes. They have been waiting for any and all opportunities to get the ball rolling again to disarm the people. An armed population is a major threat to this regime in advancing the destructive progressive agenda.

Keep your eyes open as more of this is coming, and from the likes of it they are going to try to overwhelm us from many angles using the verdict. Remember their motto “never let a good crisis go to waste!”