Peter King Lashes Out at Rand Paul Saying He Will Destroy the GOP

The first words out of Peter Kings mouth should tell you all you need to hear on immigration reform. He agrees with Boehner and Cantor because they are part of the “club”… the progressive club!

The party is split because we have a few who are standing with the people and the other half wanting to continue business as usual. The REAL republican party died a long time ago where we now have “isolationists” like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz up against guys like King, McCain and Graham.

As for threats of shutting down the government he is clueless. King cannot comprehend what is being proposed for the continuing resolution. The “isolationists” like Paul want to keep funding the government but stop all further funding to Obamacare. The only ones who would cause a shutdown are those who WANT Obamacare to stay in effect.