The Five: No Justice for Benghazi Victims

The imperial regime as no desire to bring anyone to justice over the Benghazi attack. It’s been almost one year and no one is being held responsible. We got guys involved in the attack having drinks by the pool and giving interviews to CNN but the US government can’t find them?

When I hear leftists like Beckel it baffles my mind how anyone can think like he does! When you have people like Bob Beckel making excuses, giving every benefit of doubt to an admin that is blatantly lying you know the goal is to just drag things out as long as possible. Sorry to say folks we aren’t going to get answer let alone see anyone in the regime held responsible. We have seen them handle every single scandal the same way with promises of getting to the bottom of it, they will carry out investigations and then nothing. They know no one in Congress will hold them responsible and this is why this scandal like the others will fade away being deemed a distraction and phony!