Trey Gowdy Slams Obama Advisor Dan Pfeiffer: “Demagogic, Self-Serving, Political Hack”

Rep Gowdy was questioning, immigration activist, Rosa Velazquez about background checks on illegal immigrants who could potentially be granted amnesty. Gowdy made some great points during his time but left out that those who do want to be on a path to citizenship may not have a traceable criminal background. We have many here with criminal intent who could potentially be granted amnesty with NO record. Why take the risk of rushing and immigration bill?

As his time wound down he complimented the witnesses for their testimony and then he took a direct shot at imperial regimes Dan Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer tweeted earlier in the day “La Opinion nails the cruel hypocrisy of the GOP immigration plan:allow some kids to stay but deport their parents.” This was all Gowdy needed to call Dan Pfeiffer a “demagogic, self-serving political hack.”