Dennis Kucinich on NSA Scandal: ‘Stop Spying & Stop Lying’, ‘The President Cannot Settle This With Jay Leno’

Wow this is one of the few times I find myself agreeing with Kucinich! The NSA like most of government acts outside the rule of law aka the Constitution and it has to stop. Question is who will make that happen? We have no one in DC actually taking action to end the abuse. They run their mouths and sound great but what have any of them actually done to end the abuse on our rights to privacy?

I’m tired of hearing that everything being done is “for our protection”. These programs have been in place for a long time and they did nothing to stop any of the attacks we have had since 9/11! Where was the NSA when Nadal killed at Ft Hood, where were they to stop the Boston bombing? The NSA is collecting all of this data to track threats but we have had so many it leaves you wondering exactly what are they doing? They can’t protect us from one gunman or two jihadist brothers with all this intrusion then what can they protect us from?