Obama Admin Plans to Bypass Congress on Climate Change

As if sinking billions into all the failed green energy companies like Solyndra, that have gone belly up, wasn’t enough! Now the imperial emperor completely drunk on power will once again do an end run around Congress to force climate change policies on the nation.

They dismiss facts that the planet goes through natural warming and cooling sessions. They dismiss that this thing called the Sun has changes in temperature as well; God help us if it ever sneezes!

You understand why we are seeing many threats now of the regime bypassing Congress through corrupt agencies like the EPA? They know their time is running out to get the progressive agenda into motion. The radicals are so close to starting this machine of theirs they can’t risk losing the momentum they have which is being threatened by all the scandals. The closer we get to 2014 the more you will see of this.

I’d like to know why Congress sits idly by allowing his majesty legislate from the Executive Branch? Executive Orders were only meant to effect the Executive Branch not become law of the land.

We are in a mad dash: one side seeking to fundamentally transform the US, the other Saving the Republic!