Fmr Marine Corps Colonel Speaks Out ‘You’re Building A Domestic Army; Are You Blind?’

Here’s the biggest problem with all of this.. the people being spoken to by fmr Colonel Peter Martino are the same ones who are more than likely granting the funding for this militarization of law enforcement! We can holler and scream at politicians but they are the ones behind it all and if they aren’t well then who the hell is?!

They all know trouble is coming so they are building themselves a nice little army to protect themselves from all of us. Why do you think so many in Congress and at the state level are still working behind the shadows on new gun legislation? If you think the gun debate is over you are gravely mistaken! FYI Obama is expected to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty while everyone is on vacation before month’s end.

The powers that be fear us because they have the power of the purse as they raid our future. They fear us because we are no longer listening to the lies. So they make the laws and regulations that law enforcement and military will end up following to clamp down on us.

What this will come down to is a simple question I have asked many times to those active and retired in the military and law enforcement:
When the day comes will you honor the oath you took to protect and defend the Constitution, this country and the people? OR
Will you be an automaton following orders, disregarding that oath you swore your life on?

It’s safe to say Mr. Martino will honor his oath… what say you?!

“Mr. Martino is a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve who has been mobilized three times. During his military career, he commanded an infantry platoon, company, and battalion. He was also the senior U.S. adviser to an Iraqi Army brigade. Mr. Martino has had a successful civilian career providing training, consulting, and program management services to private companies and to state and federal agency contractors. Mr. Martino presently holds a top secret security clearance.” ~ BusinessInsider