Glenn Beck: Intervention In Syria Will Establish One World Government

The left and pretty much whole world hates the US and the Constitution since we are the last super power. The events in the middle east are brewing into the perfect storm allowing radicals in the UN to step in and do what they were originally designed to do giving themselves credibility. But this credibility will be gained by those in the security council i.e. China and Russia who are not the best choices to be global leaders. A peace deal worked out by these countries would leave the US in a predicament to agree because after all war was averted!

In effect as Beck says this action in the UN would lead to a new world government or rather New World Order composed of new superpowers China and Russia with Iran in tow! Remember one of the effects of war is a change in global power, after WW2 is when the US became a superpower. This time around we are on the brink of war but new “leaders” stepped forward to take control and reign in peace, and that is POWER!

Now on the flip side to a peace deal coming out of this mess in the middle east is all out war in which Beck said the other day we don’t survive! And kids you can bet the last couple cents in your pocket Obama knows all of this….