Major Terror Plot Underway, Team to Carry it Our in Place

Let me understand this correctly, the same intel resources that didn’t act on the Boston bombers and blew off Benghazi are now convinced of a major terror plot is underway as well as terrorists in place?!

Sorry but I am having a hard time believing this and if you noticed NO ONE is talking about the report that came out from CNN about dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during the Benghazi attack. Nice timing isn’t it! There are no coincidences, only illusions of coincidence!

This looks like another distraction to me especially since the Boson bombers weren’t headed off. Then again that isn’t too surprising since our government is more concerned as to what you and I are doing than stopping terrorism.

So I share this with you just in case I’m wrong, those overseas watch your 6′!

Source: Terrorists behind embassy threat in place
CBS News
The terror threat prompting the U.S. government to close nearly two dozen embassies and consulates Sunday is the most specific, credible threat information in years, CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reports.

Intelligence officers have reporting from a reliable source that a major plot is under way and that the team to carry it out has been selected and is in place, Miller reports.

The threat information has been described as the most specific and credible since the foiled plot to blow up British planes en route to the United States in 2006, Miller reports. The specificity ends there.

What authorities don’t have is the date, the timing or the target of the attack, which is why they have taken such an approach to warning potential targets, Miller reports.

The threat has prompted the U.S. to issue a global travel alert to all Americans for the first time since the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

White House officials said President Obama was briefed Saturday morning on the potential terrorist threat before departing for Camp David, CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues reports…more