Judge Pirro Torches US Foreign Policy, Says Obama ‘Bitch Slapped by Putin’

Judge Jeanine torched the emperor over his pathetic foreign policy. No one fears America anymore under 0bama, he draws a line and our enemies cross it.

With regards to the Benghazi attack she mocked his response on dealing with a crime scene that you don’t wait until three weeks later to send in your investigators. Clearly his majesty doesn’t care about bringing anyone to justice.

Pirro then attacked the FBi in their poor handling of Benghazi to stopping the Boston bombing. She suggested the FBI should talk to the NSA but none of the agencies are talking to each other like they are supposed to following 9/11.

The FBI and NSA can’t find anyone responsible for Benghazi but CNN can? They let the Boston bombers run loose after being warned by Russia! They are doing such a great job keeping Americans under surveillance it’s clear they are too busy watching us to catch terrorists.

Speaking of Russia the Judge weighed in on Edward Snowden being granted asylum in Russia. Pirro summed up how great our foreign policy is with Russia in one brutal line, “do you believe it the President of the United States bitched slapped by Putin!” Pirro continued “The most powerful man in the world pushed around by the Russian Pres. who pals around with China Iran and Syria. But then again why not there are no consequences to our enemies to those who have vowed to harm and kill Americans. There are no penalties, we still send them millions and F-16s and armored tanks and we move red lines all the time to accommodate them, and we even stand-down when our own people are killed.”

Yes we all know how it ends for the paper tiger!