Michelle Malkin Accuses Pelosi & Liberal Reps of Covering for Pervert Bob Filner

Aside from being the party of insanity, democrats are also the party of certified perverts! Pelozei and all her ilk are absolute degenerates by their very inaction against San Diego Pervert Mayor Filner. There is no way this behavior just started, this pervert is being protected by demoncrats like Nanzy Pelozei. At least BABS Boxer came out calling for Filner to leave but the rest of the democrats will stand by him just like they have with Teddy Kennedy, Billy Clinton and Carlos Danger!

Democrats have no ethics or morals they live in depravity just like their disgusting followers. This is just another example of the peril this nation is in if people don’t get off their butts and starting fighting back. Because you are complacent and silent they get away with everything they do making their vile behavior acceptable as the new norm! This nation is being over taken entitlement seeking, dependent drug abusing, promiscuous, irresponsible lowlifes.