Race Hustler Desperate for Attention Tears Into Fox News, Limbaugh for ‘Vitriolic’ Attacks Against Michelle Obama

Last time I checked people couldn’t careless what MOOCHELLE was preaching about. Sure maybe there is an article out here and there but the race hustler being so desperate for attention creates controversy where it doesn’t exist. As a matter of fact people have been mocking MOOCHELLE since she first started this attack on what we eat, but the criticism has always been extremely low! Somebody would crack a joke and that would be the end of it. This dirtbag Al “I use my own people to make a buck” Sharpton would have you believe this “vitriol” is constant day in day out. No you racist jerk people speak out when she tries to ram her progressive agenda down our or our kids throats! After we say our peace we’re onto more important matters!

The only reason obesity is dropping is because people don’t have enough money for food! 100 million Americans are out of work, millions are on food stamps and in poverty! Of course the RACIST won’t address that, he won’t address those who are starving under MOOCHELLE’s husbands economic policies!

Some of the clips the RACIST uses for his argument are quite OLD too! He is so desperate to get ratings he has to get old footage to create a story! All you Comcast subscribers and stockholders SHAME ON YOU!

America if you are so upset with whats going on and the crap from this corrupt network why don’t you take a stand? Subscribers cancel your subscription and those holding stock show up at the next shareholder meeting demand changes YOU OWN A PIECE of that company!! Put the squeeze or corrupt corporations like Comcast who peddle this crap.

Huh I know that makes too much sense, you’re all too busy to take a stand!