Welcome to the US Police State: TSA Expanding Operations “If You Don’t Want to be Searched Don’t Ride Trains or Attend Events”

So the TSA will be deploying VIPR teams not only to train stations but also to sporting events, rodeos and music festivals. This should make us all feel warm and cozy because you know it’s for our security!

This is straight up fascism and the people of this country remain asleep! I’m truly convinced when people get to a breaking point it will be far too late. We have cameras everywhere watching our every move, our phones, email and internet activity all under surveillance (not to mention recorded & data being stored) it’s no wonder terrorists are on the loose! The tyrants are too busy watching all of us, frisking 93yr old great grandmothers who have broken arms with screws in their elbows!

Where are our elected leaders to put a stop to this? They are on long lavish vacations and won’t speak out during the break because they approve of what is going on fulfilling Darth Hussein’s promise of a “civilian national security force”!