Glenn Beck: Nudge, Shove, Shoot… We’ve Gone From “Let’s Roll” to Cattle Led to the Slaughter in 12 Years

glenn beckBy now you have seen the vid of Robert Small being arrested for challenging Common Core at a school board meeting in Towson MD. Some STR fans may be wondering why I waited to post on this? Well I was waiting to hear more details as to what happened to Robert Small.

Did you know that Small was charged with second degree assault on a police officer, $2500 fine and possible 10 years in jail for the assault on the officer!? Watching the vid the only person I see who should be charged is the arresting officer. He clearly got in Small’s face, provoked him (but Small kept his cool) and IMO when Small turned and his left arm/elbow went into the officer I will bet that was the “assault”! The Blaze reports all charges have been dropped, probably because of all the media attention. I would hope Mr Small files charges of malicious prosecution! Regardless this is what I see bad cops do to justify arresting and charging an innocent person like Robert Small. I’ve seen plenty of examples of bad cops using very broad reach of the law to arrest people. This was just another example of the US Police State.

Folks you better be careful when encountering police they can charge you with anything now! Even those filming an event like what took place at the school board meeting can be charged for “interfering with a police investigation”.

As Beck explains things are being escalated from nudge and we are now being shoved. God help us when it comes to shoot. It is becoming clear we are being pushed to comply. The thuggery used against this man was meant to be a warning sign to people to sit down and shut up. Barely anyone spoke out and the ones who did were women! Where were then men to speak out?

Take a look at everything falling under the control of big brother from education, banks, media, medical, communication, etc all working with progressives in power. We are being transformed as the emperor promised. They will shove us where they want us and then when we resist they will shoot. This is what happens when you sit like cattle being silent in the early stages. This is what happens when you only vent online to your close circle of friends, family and co-workers.

To be silent is to speak.