Bill O’Reilly: Muslim Jihadists Want To Kill Christians & Jews

Ya know based on history many assumed Jewish people would be attacked but the radical islamists have decided to go after Christians first. You see they know once the Christians are dead or exiled from the middle east there won’t be anyone standing between them and the war they will wage on Israel!

The end goal of course is to create an islamic caliphate in the middle east with Jerusalem as the new capital! Once they conquer Israel, Little Satan, jihadists backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran etc will move forward on a worldwide caliphate and engage Big Satan aka USA!

The moderate muslim community never speaks out against any of this leads one to clearly conclude they approve of this genocide taking place. Could you imagine the outrage we would be hearing if ONE, recently new, mosque was destroyed or Christian were to kill muslims?! But it’s okay for these monsters to destroy Churches 100’s of years old right and execute Christians!?

The pressure cooker is about to blow folks and I contend we will see it in the near future on US soil!