Harry Reid Attacks GOP’s ‘Thelma & Louise’ Plan to Shut Down Government and Kill Obamacare

“We will not bow to tea party anarchists….”
Only radical left-wing progressives would attack fellow Americans like the Senate Majority thug. Harry Reid is vile, vicious, miserable excuse of a human being, insanely drunk with power. I don’t blame him for being such a POS it’s his nature, I blame every single citizen in state of Nevada. CO voters showed corrupt politicians in blue dominant districts CAN BE RECALLED, so Nevada voters what are you waiting for? Is the lack of jobs, rising cost of healthcare and living not bad enough for you yet? Why do you leave this monster who has done nothing in your best interest in power?

53% polled agree Harry Reid is a certified degenerate but you Nevadans sit there and do nothing! I am all for boycotts and I am calling for a national boycott against Nevada! You guys need to feel some real pain the rest of the nation is feeling because of your lack of will to act against Harry Reid. I will never step foot in Nevada or spend one dime that goes to a Nevada based business as long as Harry Reid is in power. Under his reign NOTHING can get done in this country, no budget, only radical bills like obamacare get through. Any attempts to do something good for the US is quickly squashed by him since he is an arm of the imperial emperor. Do you people understand that? Do all of you Nevadans who dislike obama understand that Reid is an extension of obama and YOU choose to leave him in play!?

One problem with this country is lack of will to act against the destroyers like Reid. This problem isn’t DC or state legislatures it’s the people! Lack of will to act, DC and state legislatures are symptoms of the real problem with the US. The people are the problem with the US on both sides.

Lefty loons want their free stuff that we have no way to pay for so they do everything possible to keep people like Reid in power. The right well you all want to sit around and bitch but NEVER lift a finger and actually do something. No instead you sit around talking about setting up groups to talk about what to do. Go look in the mirror the next time you get mad about DC and want someone to scream at.