Mark Levin GOES NUCLEAR on Obama and the ‘French Republicans’ Over Obamacare

The Great One unloaded in epic fashion on obama for his “raw brazen tyranny” and the “french republicans” who finally came around to move on defunding obamacare.

This was how Levin opened his show in one of his best monologues following the announcement the House would move to defund obamacare by spineless Speaker John Boehner. Levin hasn’t vented like this in quite a while but with everything the emperor and his corrupt Congress did to us in just two years when they held a super majority it would make anyone go ballistic as the Great One did. Levin mercilessly bashed obama, demoncrats and his supporters for “shredding the Constitution” and “destroying the greatest healthcare system in the world”. He called the imperial regime out for all the lies they are still pushing to this day saying “we the people don’t want it”, he continued “The fact that a single Congress that is now gone that existed for a two-year election cycle imposed its will on us through a radical president, the fact that an outrageous Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shredded the United States Constitution, rewrote the statute to impose this monstrosity on we the people, does not mean we have to stand for it!”

Once he was done tearing emperor ZERO a new one the Great One then went after the gutless “french republicans” for finally coming around after feeling “forced” to do the right thing. As he points out those that are now on board are the same ones who attacked and mocked those in Congress, TEA Party, conservatives, radio hosts etc who have been holding the line to defund obamacare. These “phony pseudo-conservatives” have wasted so much time and created so much hatred, quite frankly, since this was passed that law NO ONE wants.

America we cannot let up on Congress even though they have decided to ignore the republican establishment on the Hill (naysayers like Rove, Kristol etc) who warned not to defund obamacare. Like I said earlier today those who now come out of the shadows in opposition on the right are enemies to the Republic. The progressives in the Senate are going to put up a fight like no other now to save this “damn soviet style law”. These people WANT obamacare implemented which will redistribute wealth, cause more job loss, and destroy our economy as they wait to come in and profit from the destruction!

It’s about time we the people drew our red line!