Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Make Their Case on Defunding Obamacare

Sen’s Cruz and Lee make it absolutely clear conservatives have never had any intentions of a government shut down or the desire to not fund essential programs. The House is going to vote on defunding obamacare this friday where the ball will be in the Senates hands.

The only ones who have been talking about a shut down are the ones who want it for political gain. That would be the progressives who will vote against it friday in the House and those in the Senate. If anyone causes a shut down it will be obama, Harry Reid and the DC destroyers.

The battle lines will be drawn folks and soon you will see the last of the cockroaches come out of the shadows. We are going to see who does and doesn’t stand with the American people! It would be great in the final hours if these patriots could get a few of the unions to stand with them! If they could pull that off this obaminable law would be dead for sure!

Sen Cruz says this fight is going to get hot. You can be sure this is going to be a raging inferno and we must stand with and walk through that fire with them! Any conservatives who are truly behind them over principle on defunding obamacare will need our support as well. Those taking part just to save face like Marco Rubio and John Boehner are not off the hook, they must be removed from power replaced with true conservatives.