O’Reilly Calls Out the Crap Media for Dishonest ‘Anti-Gun Agenda’, Clashes With Howard Kurtz

Kudos to O’Reilly to admit even Fox misreported the weapons used by the Navy Yard killer. The only difference between Fox and the other networks is they didn’t do a victory dance like the imperial regimes propaganda network. When you see all the coverage by the crap media you can see there was clearly a coordinated narrative to make a move against the Second Amendment.

O’Reilly took Howie Kurtz to task for trying to downplay this coordinated narrative to advance the regimes agenda. The media is hell-bent to see the American people disarmed. His majesty is very close to completing fundamental transformation, the one roadblock to getting to 100% is an armed populace!

We have so much going against us right now we cannot afford to lose 2A. We cannot be on the defensive after every mass killing. We must stick to the truth and go after the crap media and the regime, for ignoring a common denominator ie mental illness.