Navy Yard Killer Was NOT Armed With AR15, According to FBI

Oh gee what do you know facts and the truth are coming out. So the gun shop WOULDN’T SELL the AR-15 to the killer! Huh that’s kind of important to know isn’t it! That didn’t stop radical progressives leftists, like POMPOUS ASS Piers Morgan, from their childish tirades calling for gun bans more specifically the calls to ban the AR-15.

Don’t hold your breath for all of these “journalists” to retract their stories or televised tantrums. They’ll twist their words around and just say “guns” in general, because their end goal is really to disarm us all.

I blame the people for allowing the media to get away with controlling the narrative and not holding them responsible. People are so ready to march on DC over this and that but how come you never set up camp at the crap media’s headquarters? Why do you refuse to boycott advertisers of these organizations? The left has no problem launching attacks against any conservative media outlet or individual.

Keep playing nice and by the lefts rules America it’s working out so well!