Pro-Gun Panel in Shouting Match Makes Piers Morgan Flip Out Over Navy Yard Shooting

I swear Pompous ASS Morgan is so desperate to see this nation disarmed! The lunatic tries pathetically and desperately to use Mother Jones as a legitimate resource for gun statistics against John Lott who is quite possibly the #1 expert on the subject! Fact of the matter is gun crime has been declining because more people are armed. Also the left loves to use cooked up gun crime statistics. For example “death by gun” used time and again by leftist loons includes everything from actual criminal acts, to suicide, accidental discharge and police shootings but lefties like the ASS love to use those numbers to advance the anti-gun agenda. They NEVER tell the viewer what the stats they use in their favor are composed of!

I was expecting Morgan to pull the “90% of Americans agree…” line where that too is cooked up number from an MSNBC poll for Morning Joe of approx 1200 people! The imperial emperor just pulled that line recently and no one challenges him on it since the entire crap media is under his thumb.

No one on the left ever wants to discuss that in just about every mass killing, the killer had mental health issues. They avoid it because it blows their entire agenda out of the water. The left never wants to address the core problem, they want to focus on an inanimate thing, aka the gun, and their solution is more laws and eventual gun confiscation.

Aside from the abuse of acts delivered on POMPOUS ASS by Ferguson and Lott I think Lott repeating “gun free zone” over and over again was the catalyst that set the progressive jerk off!