Ted Cruz Takes a Shot at Detractors, ‘Courage’ of Anonymous Congressional Staffers Trashing Him

Well the rebel is at it filibustering in the Senate to stop a vote on obamacare with a simple 51 majority but to force Reid to move to 60 votes on cloture.

The Senator took shots at his detractors letting him know he isn’t going to pay their game which is off topic. The republican progressive tools who are attacking Cruz need to be recalled America. These are the same bobble heads who voted to repeal obamacare but will not join him to defund it! Does that make any sense to you? I will not accept they are doing it because of fear of a government shut down. They all know what it means and that the threats are idle in nature.

Anyone attacking Cruz and the other rebels is an enemy of the Republic who wants this obaminable seizure of our healthcare law implemented. By their actions in opposition they want the job loss and economic chaos obamacare will create! They think they can put the finger of blame for the economic destruction on the demoncrats to win in 2014 and ’16 elections. You and I both know that won’t happen and all the problems will be pinned on the GOP. This is the last chance to stop this bill cold in its tracks. If you are the within range of DC you need to get down there and set up camp at these progressives offices!

You democrats out there, we know there are a handful of you that know this law is garbage. For once in your life will you please do what’s right and vote with Cruz to defund obamacare?!