Woman Makes Emotional Plea to McCain to Reject Military Action in Syria

A Christian Syrian woman (by her own testament) made a very emotional plea to Sen McCain during a town hall meeting to use diplomacy to stop the violence in Syria. She pointed out McCain and Congress should put pressure on the Saudi’s and Iran to stop the violence because both are enabling the fighters on both sides in Syria with innocents, like Christian minorities, caught in the middle. This woman expressed the feeling most Americans have that we do not want another middle eastern war that will end up, IMO if we’re lucky, like another Iraq. I say we will be lucky because we will be/ are engaged in a proxy war with Iran!

There is absolutely nothing indicating to anyone that a few missile strikes will have any effect in stopping Assad. Such a strike will only inflame him where he will retaliate and eventually get help from the Iranians. That leads to escalation from missiles to planes then tanks and troops!

Tell your Congressman and Senators to vote no military action in Syria.