Woman Makes Emotional Plea to McCain to Reject Military Action in Syria

A Christian Syrian woman (by her own testament) made a very emotional plea to Sen McCain during a town hall meeting to use diplomacy to stop the violence in Syria. She pointed out McCain and Congress should put pressure on the Saudi’s and Iran to stop the violence because both are enabling the fighters on both sides in Syria with innocents, like Christian minorities, caught in the middle. This woman expressed the feeling most Americans have that we do not want another middle eastern war that will end up, IMO if we’re lucky, like another Iraq. I say we will be lucky because we will be/ are engaged in a proxy war with Iran!

There is absolutely nothing indicating to anyone that a few missile strikes will have any effect in stopping Assad. Such a strike will only inflame him where he will retaliate and eventually get help from the Iranians. That leads to escalation from missiles to planes then tanks and troops!

Tell your Congressman and Senators to vote no military action in Syria.

  • Jack Myers

    McCain is a pig headed, ignorant moron…. To think I voted for this prick…

    • reddhead

      Remember the alternative you had in 2008

  • sbozich

    …and then he voted “Yes”. I can’t wait to spit on McCain’s grave. What do you think he has left in him? Another 3 years? 5? No more than 10, max.

  • Joe C

    Why does Arizona continue to make us suffer these terrible senators?

    • Tim Pierre

      Unfortunately it’s not just AZ.

  • Ginger Hensley

    Could not look her in the eye.

  • Mark

    Kil yourself John McCain. Just take your own life, most people wanted you to be left in that joke in Vietnam.

    • Mark


  • Zuuuuz

    She said she didn’t like Assad either and the rebels just killed her cousin. He came back telling her “we have a strong disagreement” because Assad is a butcher. What exactly is the strong disagreement?
    Syrian immigrant Christian woman who can’t hide her accent tells the rich protected American islander about her native land. The outsider comes back telling her: “I, too, know the people.”

    What’s with the applause for McCain at the end of the clip? Few Saudis tudents in the back of the room, perhaps?

  • Margaret

    That woman is right , you are wrong Sen McCain! It’s time for you to retire!

  • Partyless Observer

    For about a million reasons we need to keep our dirty hands out of Syria.

  • Fadman

    Her brother was killed and she is wearing white? that is quite unusual for levant habits… She is the typical expression of the region’s stockholm syndrome. For the sake of the Syrians, Lebanese & now the world, we need this dictator out!

  • Fadman

    Typical Stockholm Syndrome expressed by the Woman. worse is her hypocrisy: why did she immigrate to the US and leave her sect become a minority from the beginning? isn’t it because of the acts of 40 years of dictatorship? Why does religious extremism thrive? Isn’t it because of poverty & oppression by 40 years oppression by that same dictatorship? what you see now is the swan’s song… of a regime that needs to be toppled, for the sake of all syrians first, Lebanese second, and since the chemical weapon use, for the sake of humanity.

  • Vernon

    Attacking Syria WILL DO NOTHING. If America really want to help these folks why not help the refugees that escaped by giving them aid in the countries they are in and let the UN handle the rest of this issue?

  • KA AN RA

    These people in office are total crooks! Both sides Dem and Rep are just two winds of the same bird. When will Americans wake up and get it??? We are not a constitutional republic and have been taken over by warmongering globalist criminals! Voting is useless when the game is rigged!