David Buckner to Glenn Beck: Hyperinflation Coming by 2015, Dominoes Go Down Within ‘3 Months’

So while the nation is distracted with the government shutdown, which is really a blessing cutting wasteful spending, economist David Buckner warns that we are quickly headed to hyperinflation. Economic experts claim “it won’t happen here”. Buckner explains in order for hyperinflation to take place a “recipe” of events must be met:
1 Economic Implosion
2 Collapse in tax revenues
3 Raise taxes
4 Lenders unwilling
5 Austerity or print

I got news for you folks we have met all of these!

The government is issuing treasuries (debt) where the Fed comes in to buy those treasuries with printed money. Bernanke promised years ago the Fed was not engaged in monetizing the debt (aka money laundering) but he lied, like all regime members. Buckner explains this circle of money and how the government is doing everything that will lead to hyperinflation which will take us to economic collapse. We are doing exactly what the Germans did in the Weimar Republic the debt and spending is unsustainable especially when we don’t make anything.

The US is no longer the center hub for manufacturing, big companies like Apple do not produce their successful line of products in the US. Everything is outsourced to third world countries where costs are a fraction of what they are here!

So be warned America while you hear the bobble heads in DC point fingers about the shutdown understand the real storm is coming. No one in DC is warning about the economic tsunami coming from all the debt and the Fed devaluing our money as they pump $85 billion a month into the money supply. Sooner or later interest rates and prices will have to go up. When that happens real trouble will come because all the free stuff the government is giving out will dry up and the entitlement drones will not be happy taking to the streets!