Obamacare National Hotline: 1-800-F*CK-YOu.. Seriously!


What are the odds seriously?! There are no coincidences only illusions of coincidence…

That’s a big FU coming from the imperial regime to you and me. They don’t care what obamacare will do to the healthcare system nor do they care about the damage it will do to our economy. It’s all about money power and control. People are losing their jobs, companies are cutting back even downsizing, there is no incentive anymore to innovate knowing this regime will punish you. If a few people die down the road from this obaminable law so be it, in socialists eyes it’s just thinning the herd!

This little gem of an insult buried in their number is the icing on top to the worst piece of legislation under the absolute most horrible president in US history.

ht WZ

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    Once thinned, then Agenda 21 can take place

    • gadsdengurl

      Really? That’s what you think.

      • Ruth DelaCerda

        Consider, every body jumping on the band wagon will be longer waiting times for treatment. Right now the US stands as better response time and the ability of getting treatment with survival rate higher than in countries with socialized medicine.The wait time for some procedures can be as long as several years. Less doctor availability. So if you wait long enough people that need treatment will die off thinning the population. Now, concentrate the population by ‘stacking’ leaving wide open areas that we no longer have access to.. George Bush Sr signed this in the UN. How else can Agenda 21 take place only by with holding medical intervention, unless of course they declare war on us and just kill us outright. This makes absolute sense to me. If I am misinformed, then plz tell me how.


    i called the number, its a sex chat hotline, NEXT!

    • cookiedunker

      it is not a sex chat line, I called it and got the healthcare marketplace.

    • Sherry Jones

      It’s the health insurance marketplace. Sex chat hotlines have NEVER been toll free, idiot