Sen Sessions: Admin Hides Immigration Histories of Terrorists, Asks For Blank Resettlement Check

What kind of pure insanity is going on in this country anymore? Sen Sessions is one of the few rebels left in Washington who is looking out for this country while Darth Hussein continues to fundamentally transform the USA.

There is no logical reason for any middle eastern refugees to be brought to the US now. Aside from the security risks pointed out on this site there is the economic impact. As argued when the issue of illegal aliens invading the US comes up we are broke. This country does not have the money to care for our veterans or those who worked hard contributing to Social Security let alone care for the refugees. We have over 100 million people out of work, 40+ million living in poverty and the list goes on and on.

The gulf states should be forced to take the refugees obama wants to bring to the US. It makes sense financially and frankly culturally! Why bring a muslim to the US when they would be better suited in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Qatar etc!? As Sessions points the FBI and intel experts have made it clear they cannot vet these people as there are no records or databases to cross reference in Syria or other countries.

Based on the percentages the obama admin will be letting several hundred terrorists (136 per 85K) into the US. This is criminal and a violation to protect the country.

We have 13+ months left of obama Darth Hussein and as warned after the 2014 election he will become unleashed. This man is going to do everything he can to completely transform this country into a third-world nation. He has no intentions of protecting us and couldn’t careless of the social and economic impact. If Congress does not invoke the power of the purse to get him under control this nation will suffer irrecoverable damage. Ride your elected leaders, if they defy our wishes then we must initiate recall elections because something has got to be done.