CO Springs Shooter a Loner Who Identifies as Female and NOT Republican

CO voter reg Robert DearColorado voter registration shows the killer, 57 yr old Robert Lewis Dear Jr who identifies as “Female”. His political party affiliation is UAF, Unaffiliated. Reports out on him show he was a loner who had his share of run-ins with the law but nothing to be deemed extremist, let alone be deemed a right-winger extremist.

Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear is accused Peeping Tom who lived in cabin without electricity

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear

Truth just sucks doesn’t it dems! You try and try to pin every single mass killing/ shooting on conservatives, TEA Party and the NRA but as usual when the truth comes out 99% of the time you’re wrong.

This guy clearly has a screw or two loose but there is nothing to date indicating he fits the picture leftists all paint after one of these rampages. One would think those on the left would have learned a lesson by now to wait but many didn’t. No before the standoff was even over in Colorado Springs many had charged, tried and convicted conservatives, TEA Party and the NRA for this monsters heinous acts.

Speaking of heinous acts aside from Lewis’ actions the most disgusting part of Fridays news was viciousness and depravity from countless leftists jumping to new highs. Democrats, progressives or whatever they call themselves this week have really ratcheted things up. Get ready America for all hell to break loose in next 5yrs.