Obama Tells Americans They Can Keep Their Plans – After 2 Million Already Lost Theirs

First off the imperial emperor is now blaming the insurance companies for people losing the plans he promised they could keep. Why are those insurance companies killing those plans? I’ll tell you why, because they have to conform with the new rules and regulations set forth in obamacare! The same ones the regime delayed LAST YEAR BEFORE THE ELECTION! So once again his majesty is LYING!

The Liar in Chief continues to campaign his pack of lies about obamacare being affordable when we know for a fact people’s premiums and deductibles are going up paying for plans they do not need. I’m still waiting for an answer as to why men are required to carry maternity care?

Side note SHAME on all of those socialist puppets standing behind him! They will learn their lesson soon enough when their health plans get cancelled and the new one they get has a higher premium and deductible!