Rep Renee Ellmers Rips Sebelius on Why Men Need Maternity Coverage

Rep Ellmers rips Sebelius in less than 1 minute when the congresswoman drilled the HHS Secretary that a “single male age 32 does not need maternity coverage! To the best of your knowledge has a man ever delivered a baby?” Her question was never answered unfortunately as her time ran out.

For those who are not aware well you are now that a single male must carry maternity care. WHY? Sebelius and the regime claim it’s all part of the complete insurance package, that men have families to care for. Well that’s not true, many men are single for a myriad of reasons: just out of school, they care about their career, they don’t want kids, they can’t have kids, why would they need maternity care?

I’ll go a step further because I know no one else will point it out but gay men aren’t going to need maternity care! They will never have a female spouse in their “family”! So maybe the gay community should be the ones to file suits against obamacare! I’m sure some blood sucking attorney will be more than happy to push for them to get a waiver!? This is one of the many reasons premiums are spiking under obamascare.

Better question to ask is: WHO WROTE OBAMACARE? To this day that question has yet to be answered. Plenty of suggestions from Congressional staff, this lobbyist that lobbyist, etc but no one or entity has claimed ownership as the authors of this law.

The odds of getting that answered are right up there with who killed Kennedy, is our gold really at Ft Knox and whether Bigfoot is real!