Rep Cory Gardner Tears Into Sec Sebelius: ‘Why Aren’t You Losing Your Health Insurance?’

This exchange between Rep Gardner and Sebelius is one of the few “productive” exchanges that took place today during the House hearing. Sec Sebelius claims she isn’t eligible for obamacare because she is a govt employee?! I speak bullshit what the Secretary is really saying is “I am an elitist who doesn’t have to be subjected to the tyranny we are forcing Americans to submit to!” As Rep Gardner points out Sebelius like anyone in DC can opt out of their Cadillac govt health plan but they choose not because they know they will be screwed. Aside from paying higher insurance premiums and deductibles they will lose their doctors so they keep the plan they have.

The obamacare website will eventually be fixed but it’s failure is just a symptom of bigger problems coming our way. Over the last few weeks we have seen a mountain of examples of what is to come. Keep in mind the employer mandate has been delayed, wait until that kicks in then you are going to see real trouble. Another problem yet to surface is the level of care people will receive on this piece of communist legislation. Doctors are already getting out of the business opting for early retirement, what will happen when there isn’t enough QUALIFIED medical professionals?
This is all of course by design, obamacare is nothing but a Trojan Horse to get single payer implemented.