Hello My Name is Barack Obama and I am a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR

Liars Anonymous BO1

I’m sure some liberal progressives will attack me for this, but show me where this man has told the truth over obamacare or any of the scandals? In these two compilations obama is lying to the nation about obamacare and what he knew over various scandals. If any other president carried on like this they would have been impeached by now at the least on grounds of complete incompetence.

With the help of the corrupt crap media he is never held accountable. No, instead it is finger-pointing and blaming everyone for his failure and even his lies. Obama has flat-out lied to the country about obamacare and the blame has been put on the development company, of course the republicans, to even the architect of obamacare blaming Pres Bush!

Obama has lied time and again on all the scandals claiming he “didn’t know”! Really? We are to believe the most powerful man on the planet gets his news the same way we do, has communication resources we cannot even imagine, up to and including his own specially built smart phone (TO STAY IN TOUCH) doesn’t know about the IRS, ATF, DOJ, NSA etc scandals? Either obama is insanely incompetent, in which he should be removed from power immediately, or a bold face liar!